Restaurant Order & Delivery App

Restaurant Order & Delivery App

“99 Takeouts”, an innovative app, creates order and delivery systems similar to ‘Grub Hubs’ for local restaurants.

Restaurants don’t have to rely upon the exploitive Grub Hub & UberEATS mobile ordering systems.

Mobile ordering is a must for restaurants, however, UberEATS and Grub Hub are too costly for many.

A smart app called 99takeouts solves this problem for restaurants.

Restaurants have a huge opportunity with “99 Takeouts”.

Restaurants can use “99 Takeouts” to manage their order and delivery systems in an effort to survive the pandemic.

Enjoy “99 Takeouts”

Ordering Systems & QR-Code Touchless Menu – Create smart QR-code menus which, when scanned, allow customers to see food and even place orders on their phones

Beautiful Restaurant and Menu Designs – Replace outdated HTML websites with stunning mobile-friendly versions in tons of food niches

Simple Customization with Point-n–Click – Create amazing QR codes menus and restaurant websites using point-n–click to match the restaurant’s branding 

Tracking Mobile Payment Orders and Viewing Delivery Statistics – Let the owner of a restaurant track each order and view the status for every pickup and delivery.

Integration Client’s Payment Processors: Restaurant customers can order online to have their food delivered, picked up, or touched at the restaurant.

You can customize every aspect of each product, including images and descriptions. Reviews are also possible for more conversions.

Customers can indicate which table they want to pay their bill from and then use their QR-code touchless system to make payment for their food.

You can find so many more…

Integration of Email Marketing
No contact - Restaurants can go 'contactless'
Simple to use + in-app tutorials
100% Cloud-based
DFY Domain Hosting & Site
More Product Variations
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