ADA Services

ADA Services

Do you know if the website for your business is ADA-compliant?

Well if it isn’t, and most likely it’s not, you are putting yourself at great risk for a lawsuit. Small businesses must comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act. Many small business owners wonder if the Americans With Disabilities Act is necessary. We’re here to explain why it’s important. This information is essential for your business growth, so pay attention.

Being ADA-compliant means that your website is easily accessible to everyone.  For example, having a way for color-blind visitors to easily read the text on your website, or having an audio option in case someone has trouble reading.

The thing is, if your website doesn’t meet these standards, you can get sued.  And this has been happening a lot.

Over 10,000 businesses have already had lawsuits brought against them, this year alone!

What is “The Americans With Disabilities Act?”

The Americans With Disabilities Act is a law. The Americans With Disabilities Act was signed by George Bush. Ensuring accessibility for people with disabilities is its primary purpose. The ADA gives guidelines for corporations to offer solutions that make their facilities accessible. ADA Compliance is important to prevent discrimination and promote inclusion with over 40 million people with disabilities in the United States.

Do small businesses need to comply with the ADA?

Absolutely! Small businesses and websites must be accessible. Everyone else has the same rights as people with disabilities. They should be able to work, shop, and interact with businesses of all sizes. People with disabilities are often unable to access your website, so consider this if you are an e-commerce owner. Digital accessibility is involved here.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are available here WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines)

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines are used to make communication accessible to people with disabilities. Businesses can use these guidelines to create websites and digital content that is accessible to people with disabilities. Small businesses must provide an inclusive online experience.

There are ADA requirements for small businesses:

Small businesses have responsibilities under the ADA. Key requirements are listed.

Make sure that your facilities are accessible to people with different types of disabilities. This includes making buildings wheelchair-friendly.

Assistive technologies are used to enhance inclusion. Screen readers or other alternative formats are possible.

Digital accessibility is the accessibility of your website and online services. This involves making the web content compatible with screen readers and providing alternative text for images.

The ADA is about creating a more inclusive society where everyone has equal opportunities. Small businesses that follow these guidelines will contribute to a more welcoming environment.

The Department of Justice has revised ADA regulations and the standards for accessible design. Specific guidance on those types of projects is what you should refer to if you are planning new construction or alterations. has a resource titled “A Primer for Small Business“.

Small employers and reasonable accommodation are a part of the law.

Businesses that are open to the public can be found at

The ADA is a primer for small businesses.

We don’t want to see you having to deal with something like that.  That’s why we are here to help.

Being ADA Compliant Means That Your Website:

Is easily accessible to everyone
Features a text-to-speech feature so everyone can have access to your content
Has an alternate layout that is very easy to read
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